View our catalogue online and learn about our new library space and digital checkout system.

We're excited to welcome you to our updated library space and digital catalogue and checkout system. This new system will allow you to sign out resources anytime you're here throughout the week, as well as borrow items in a more private way with a self-checkout that eliminates the need to write your name on the cards inside the books. You can also view our entire library calatogue online through the link below.

Another nice feature of this system is that it gives you the option to have an online account that allows you to see what items you have checked out as well as renew them from home. This aspect is completely optional, and you do not need an online account in order to borrow items from the library.

The borrowing time is 21 days. You'll get an email 7 days before the books are due back to remind you to return them.

How to borrow items

  1. Bring your book(s) or movie(s) to the checkout desk
  2. Click on the camera/barcode button on the top right corner of the iPad screen
  3. Scan the barcode (ISBN) of the item(s) you're borrowing using the iPad camera
  4. Type in your email or scan the QR code on your library card 
  5. Click "Checkout" in the bottom right corner of the screen

If you get a checkout issue that says, "Patron info entered did not match our records. Please double-check and try again," you've either typed in your email address incorrectly or you are not in our library system.

To be added to our system, request a library card, or if you have any other library issues, please fill out the Library Help Form below.

How to create an online account

  1. Visit our library catalogue by clicking on the link below.
  2. Click on the "Patron Login" button on the left side. 
  3. Click "Need Password" and type in your email address to receive an email with your password.

If you type in your email address and get a message that says, "Patron Email Not Found" please fill out the form below and we will add you into our system as soon as we can.

´╗┐If you do not have an email address, you will not be able to create an online account but you can still borrow items using your library card. To request a library card, please fill out the form below.

Need help?

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.