Missions Conference

Everything we had going on for Missions Conference this year, that took place February 27-March 15.

Compelled Missions Conference Poster


We're so grateful to have an in-person Missions Conference this year, and hope you'll join us for these events if you're able. Unless otherwise noted, registration for events is not required.

Sunday, February 27

  • 10:00am: Worship Service with Jeremy Wardlaw from Ethnos (in-person and online).
  • 6-7:30pm: Taste of the Nations. Come and hear from four different missionaries (S&H, KSA, Kevin and Micaela Miller, and JT) who will share short presentations about life on the field. We'll also have some foods to share that are unique to different parts of the world. Childcare will be provided for kids ages 3 and under while the JK-Grade 5 kids will hear from missionary guest Carly Nichols. This event will not be livestreamed.

Wednesday, March 2

  • 6:30pm: Creekside Kids with Jeremy & Kimberly Wardlaw.
  • 7:00pm: Prayer Meeting with the Togo Team.

Thursday, March 3

  • 10:00am: Ladies Bible Study with Jacky Taylor.
  • 7:00pm: 628 JR High with Pete Nichols from Ethnos.
  • 7:00pm: SR High Youth with Scott Stein from Prepared to Answer.

Friday, March 4

  • 7:00pm: Women's Ministry Single And Single againS: "Single Serving" with Michèle Phoenix and JT. Come find out what it is like to serve while single. Presented by women who are doing that. Please call the church office to let us know you are coming - for planning purposes.

Saturday, March 5

  • 9:30-10:30am: Coffee & Pastries with Missions Discussion from Pete Nichols (Ethnos) and Tim Bahula (ABWE).

Sunday, March 6

  • 9:00am: Adult Bible Class with Tim Bahula (ABWE).
  • 10:00am: Worship Service with John Taylor, President of ABWE Canada (in-person and online), followed by a Church Family Soup Lunch.

Monday, March 7

  • 7:30pm: Women's Ministry Cover to Cover Book Club with author Michèle Phoenix.

Tuesday, March 15

  • 10:30am: Prime Time Senior's Saint Patrick's Day Event: Music and snacks with a Missions focus. Speakers will be retired missionaries Frank and Brenda Bale. Sign up on Sunday in front of the Prime Time bulletin board or call the church office to register.

Missions Project: Tiaang Translation Office

The Tiaang Translation Program on Djaul Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has been operating for several years now with no dedicated space in which to work. Bible translation, training courses, and workshops have most often taken place in local church buildings, which have bench pews or chairs, but no tables or electricity. There is no electrical grid on the island. Most people only have mini solar panels that they put outside in the sun during the day in order to charge a cell phone or power an LED lamp in the evening. To power anything more than that, the only option is to buy or borrow a generator and supply it with fuel (which must be transported to the island from the nearest town, two hours away) – an option that is not affordable for the majority of the population. The Tiaang Translation Team, a total of eleven Tiaang-speakers who have all completed a 5-week Bible translation training course, are poised to invest more time and energy into the work of translating the Scriptures into Tiaang; but they lack an adequately equipped facility in which to do so.

The Tiaang Translation Committee is the group of local Christians, nominated by the churches in each Tiaang village, responsible for the oversight of the Tiaang Translation Program. It was their idea to pursue the building of a translation office at this time, which would provide a space where reliable electricity and equipment could enable the work of Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement in the Tiaang language. In addition to a large classroom, the office will include a recording room, bathroom, and a room for the overnight accommodation of visiting teachers. The Committee will be contributing materials (timber) and labour for the construction of the building itself; but the cost of the solar system, water tank, furnishings, and equipment is beyond their means. 

So we wanted to help them with that. For this year's Missions Conference, we raised $20,300 towards this project!